On my way


“I’ve been involved in unique experiences throughout my life”

Currently I divide my time between México City and San Francisco, California.  I stopped on the road and come back to the basic: education, so I decided come back to the College, UNAM was the option in humanities area. Among the many reasons for choosing it,  is also the maternity recognition as part of the natural process of life…  and because once that happens, it is an irremediable fact, I’d like to get to that point with at least some technical knowledge. One thing leads to another, so I decide to take my personal project with social perspective and I find the perfect place to do it,  Sea * SideSyndication services company focused on content generation. At the same time started working on miclasesabe. com

With my new skills in developing websites getting in San Fran, I been involved in various projects as mamaalone.com a place to curious  and good businessmen, relaxed, funny, passionate, enterprising …] moms. We are a team with great collaborators that grows every day, which makes us very happy because child education is a task that involves the participation of the whole society,  our children are our contribution to the world, pay attention on the important things. I love my nieces, I have the honor to meet great women in my life and I am also very curious and San Fran spend many interesting things.

Now, why and how I came to give up here ??? That information is for another day. All can I say is, all is happened.

This is my blog and I like to write about thoughts, feelings, madness and love …. is not a diary, it is more like an invitation to walk with me;)