My favorites are the Mexican, with tomato, onion and chopped their green chile, but the truth is that we try cooked. Some say that the best is lukewarm, I do not work that way, or is or is not? No half measures.

Well, with the egg happens to be as effective for skin that surprises; what it does is that when dried egg white on your skin, you stretch your face, so you can not even move (because the masks are made from the neck), here the issue is that there very picky people, being raw animal proteins.

Once every 15 days is enough.


Queen B

Honey makes magic in your body, you feel and it shows. It is one of the ingredients that never lack in the kitchen (as) from the teaspoon of honey with lemon throat as you take a cup of tea chamomile and try to recover from the cold, to the fruit plate with granola and cottage cheese for one morning fuck, honey is an A+

To regenerate your skin, mix it with lemon juice a teaspoon of honey a couple of mint leaves (crushed) and apply on your face for 15 minutes. To remove it using warm water; Now, my suggestion is that you do at night for that of the lemon and the sun does not get along.

The other leads is very good honey, a splash of soy milk or almonds and a few teaspoons of oatmeal; just mix everything and I will leave about 20 minutes.