My work


“For me not forget affection.” Short film made by students of the Center for film and television screenwriting. CIGGITE.
“Goal”. Short film made by students of the career of communication at the University La Salle. Cast: Vanessa Bauche.


“Who stole the show? Game show.Televisa Channel 5.
“The Tempest” Telenovela Channel 2. Salvador Mejia. Televisa.
“Today,” Channel 2 morning magazine. Carla Estrada and Nino Canun. Televisa.
“Naked Minds” Tlefórmula Group.
“As the saying goes”. Series. Channel 2 Television.
Lupita’s rose. Series. Channel 2 Television.
“Klik”  TVC Media Productions. Carlos Huerta Guitrón.

“Kiu” MVS Television

“Nocturninos” MVS Television.
“Tv de Noche”, Channel 4 nightly magazine program. Televisa.
“Incognito” Channel 5. Series. Televisa.
“Against all odds” Soap opera. Channel 2. Nicandro Diaz.
“At noon,” Channel 4. Magazine. Televisa.
“La Oreja” Channel 4. Tv shows. Televisa.
“Today,” Channel 2 Morning magazine tv show. Reynaldo Lopez. Televisa.
“Salome” Soap opera. Channel 2. Juan Osorio.
“Reventón Musical”, Channel 4. Music magazine tv show.


“Pinocchio” independent theater company. Cast: Paul Stanley, Oscar de la Huerta …
“The Little Mermaid” independent theater company. Cast: Mauricio Saldaña, Lorena Enrriquez ..
“Bodas de Sangre” independent theater company.
“La Celestina” independent theater company.
“No Puedo” independent theater company. Cast: Paul Stanley, Lorena Enrriquez …
“All in Family” independiente.Elenco Theatre Company: Gaby Goldsmith, Rosita Pelayo, Niky Mondelini …
“The White Nights” Artistic Center of Studies Televisa. Cast: Tania Riquenez, Roberto Maltagliati …
“Photography on the Beach” Art Studies Center of Televisa. Cast: Marcelo Cordova, Zoraida Gomez …
“Real World” independent theater company.
“The Tenonrio” independent theater company.
“The Comedian Tenorio” independiente.Elenco Theatre Company: Mario Cuevas, Roberto Espejo …


Que Pex!? with Yordi Rosado. EXA Radio.


Editorial Televisa TV y Novelas. Under the direction of Chucho Gallegos.

Other projects

“The Natural Route” Address casting for the thesis project student career communication from the Universidad Anahuac Mexico.

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