My first years

Hi I’m Denisse, and I am proud tapatía. I was born and raised in Guadalajara, the most beautiful city in Mexico based on the most romantic day of the year, hence the magic that surrounds the West Pearl.

I grew up among children playing football in the street. From girl always I knew I wanted to be a doctor (to help people) as my Dad. I never dreamed of becoming a TV star, I never saw programs as a child that made me think – When I grow up I want to be famous! –

In my house my father had forbidden us to Chavo del 8, not soap operas or anything like it looked. We saw films dubbed by Channel 5, where advertising was also very funny. I remember much about the guy lifting weights suddenly drops her pants and zanconas piernillas, right there that trembled … […] usually was on Saturday evening (from 5pm. If I remember) in morning we were leaving the park to play (in Gdl. There are lots of parks). Sunday lunchtime my mother took me to the theater. For me it was amazing costumes, music … once we went to see Beauty and the Beast … Phew !!! Although to be honest I always liked more the theater that was done in the Torres Bodet; It is a more intimate theater … Littlest the best laugh in the company of my mother.

So I grew up loving theater, participating in each and every one of the representations that were made during my time at school, from pastorelas (making devil obviously), race days of the Revolution, which declamation day the flag oh !, tricolor flag that if the May 5, mother’s day, teacher, champion of the escort, majorette, etc. etc. I felt that freed me …

In the end, I finally start studying marketing was my second choice, medicine could not wait one more semester (several reasons). After thinking “family” (actually it was my mother who decided) opted for the private university, was an important for all sacrifice and which I had to join, so again in “family” we decided (my mother rightly) because I had a stable job that would allow me to contribute to the cause, that’s how I started working at the hospital. Until then he had been assistant manager (the coffee they tell you) at the offices of a trading and at that moment had a job of hostess in a restaurant who was also a design shop in Tlaquepaque (me they found me in a Great restaurant in the center, but that is another story) … anyway … that’s how the publicity from that time caused me a lot of curiosity was what ended enganchándome in the adventure that would change my life. MORBO.